By Magister Dr. Robert Johnson*

* Dr. Robert Johnson is a Church of Satan Magister, Doctor of Human Sexuality, and Editor & Publisher of  Old Nick magazine.

The Satanic Warlock is published in association with Aperient Press.  All rights reserved.

The Satanic Warlock  - following in the tradition of The Satanic Bible and The Satanic and Compleat Witch - is the indispensable handbook for the 21st century Satanic man - meticulously researched and illustrated!

Magister Dr. Johnson shares his decades of experience as a leading member of  the Church of Satan, publisher of Old Nick magazine and real-world knowledge of human sexuality that has afforded him priceless insight into every aspect of what makes a Warlock.

The Satanic Warlock contains:

* The Primary Satanic Male Archetypes (akin to the LaVey Personality Synthesizer)

* The Satanic Gentleman - Appearance & Attitude

* The Devilish Art of Seduction

* Gaining & Wielding Personal Power

* Sex Magick Principles & Application

* The Gay & Bisexual Warlock

* Case Study Interviews with Exemplary Satanic Warlocks

* Case Study Interviews with Practicing Satanic Witches

* Sexbots, haptic technology & artificial companions.

* Special Introduction by Magus Peter H. Gilmore

           And much, much more!