Throw away your dusty manuals on being a modern man, guidebooks of  meeting and seducing your desired mates, and re-hashed, tired how-to books. This is the ONE BOOK that burns away the nonsense and provides priceless Satanic knowledge for you - the confident and devilishly rakish Warlock who courageously follows the Left Hand Path!

    The Satanic Warlock will show you how to:

* Define yourself as a Warlock!

* Use the hidden knowledge now revealed!

* Realize your unique potential and power!

* Make yourself irresistible!

Limited first printing of 666 copies.

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          By Magister Dr. Robert Johnson*

* Dr. Robert Johnson is a Church of Satan Magister, Doctor of Human Sexuality, and Editor & Publisher of  Old Nick magazine.

The Satanic Warlock is published in association with Aperient Press.  All rights reserved.