By Magister Dr. Robert Johnson*

* Dr. Robert Johnson is a Church of Satan Magister, Doctor of Human Sexuality, and Editor & Publisher of  Old Nick magazine.

The Satanic Warlock is published in association with Aperient Press.  All rights reserved.

A sampling of what the book will contain:


Satanic Warlocks by virtue of their own primal, natural instincts and learned behavior culled from the treats of indulgence, the thrill of competition and the ocassional hard knock to the head, are a breed unlike any other.  Called to the teachings of Anton Szandor LaVey in The Satanic Bible, most Warlocks — very close to the curious age of puberty — embrace the Satanic philosophy that so succinctly puts forth that we are in fact animals, albeit with brains that make us not only unique, our own gods, often treacherous and undoubtedly suited for physical pleasure of many varieties! In fact, it is a well-documented and researched conclusion amid the halls of modern psychology that men, as a gender, are much more prone to excess indulgence than women.

Add to this that one of the primary aspects of human behavior is to reproduce — that some would call a base, sometimes dangerous and uncivilized drive — sits in our guts and sparks our every move and conscious plan, despite verbal claims to the contrary by many out of fear of reprisal or sickening acquiescence to political correctness. Nearly all that the Warlock does is in some way tethered to an end result of pleasure, whether it be a fine meal with a drink, a lusted after item that brings joy, or a potential sexual mate! It is the Satanic way!

So let us celebrate that desire, that inner fire and label it appropriately. Let us revisit our lycanthropic brethren of ages past; the seducers, the gigilos, the cads, the lady-killers, the Casanovas, the Don Juans, and the quitessential yet recently forgotten archetype - "the wolf."

Often characterized as a comical cartoon beast, the male wolf has been an all-American icon of woman chasing and unbridled lust. And so it is befitting and frankly, just plain fun, to once again embrace the symbolism for the Satanic Warlock who walks with the beasts of the fields using his strength, his wiles and his unique animal magnetism to turn from mere man into a lusty Satanic "werewolf" — a man among men — and one who shears the sheep!