Never Say Die!

“Life is the great indulgence – death, the great abstinence. Therefore, make

the most of life – HERE AND NOW!”

-The Satanic Bible, The Book of Satan

When Anton LaVey penned those words in 1969 the idea of organ transplants were only found in Frankenstein films.  Now over 30,000 organ transplants are performed every year in the USA alone.

Your parents told you that “death and taxes” were inevitable.  That is no longer true.

Until just recently medical schools still taught that if the brain went six minutes without oxygen then there would always be permanent brain damage.  That is no longer true.

Today if your heart stops, doctors can lower your body temperature about 20 degrees and then, after surgically repairing the damage, they slowly can raise your body temperature before starting your heart once again.  And all without any brain damage!

Until six years ago scientists told us that reversing aging in mammals was impossible. That is no longer true.

In 2010 Harvard researchers made old mice young.  The mice grew back youthful organs – brain, liver, skin – and they recovered “lost” memories by remembering how to run mazes they previously had forgotten.

Until just recently no one knew how to reverse human aging.  That is no longer true.

We now know that an enzyme called telomerase restores the function of chromosomes in human beings and the first human trial to apply this discovery to reverse aging is scheduled to happen within three years.

What does this mean for the Satanist?  It means that a cure for all disease and eternal youth is about to happen worldwide.  Old people will grow young and healthy.  Their mental capacities will be restored as well.  “Aging” will no longer be viewed as “natural” or inevitable.   “Aging” will be viewed as just another a disease we can cure.

by Magister Nemo