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                                                 R.I.P. Magister Neil Smith

The Church of Satan on April 12, 2024 lost one of its most loved and valued members and part of its esteemed Royalty. A most accomplished gentleman and dear friend, colleague, and true bon vivant, Neil will be sorely missed by us all. Rest well my dear friend.



Satanic men worldwide have been clamoring for the next session of The Hellfire Brotherhood’s official training body – The Warlock Academy.  Magister Dr. Robert Johnson is now pleased to announce the next class will begin in early 2024.

Students have lauded the first class as the greatest learning experience of their lives, arming them with a new sense of true Satanic Self and giving them incredible confidence.  Now it is your time to learn first-hand from Magister Johnson, author of  “The Satanic Warlock” – part of the official canon of the Church of Satan.

The new class of 2024 Warlocks will learn the basics of Satanic masculinity and practical knowledge using Lesser and Greater Magic in life to achieve all desires.

The Academy is the only Satanic learning body of its kind, and has provided its members with profound successes in business, professional and personal endeavors.

The six-month online course is limited to only nine students who will be hand picked by Magister Johnson.

Please email with WARLOCK ACADEMY ‘24 in the subject line for details and to be considered for the exclusive group of the Hellfire Brotherhood.



The Resource You’ve been waiting for!

Welcome to, the home of The Black Guard, the Hellfire Brotherhood, and all those who are Hellborn — the destination where all mysteries and secrets of seduction and superior living for the Satanic man are revealed!

Join us where “The Satanic Warlock,” the groundbreaking new book by Magister Dr. Robert Johnson leaves off, and where you will learn through insightful blogs, posts and video tutorials:

  • Who is the 21st Century Warlock?
  • The Hidden Secrets of Seduction
  • Gaining & Wielding Personal Power
  • Satanic sex magic
  • Proven formulas for success
  • Identifying your archetype
  • becoming an irrestibile satanic gentleman
  • forbidden photo galleries
  • warlock after dark videos
  • personal 1-on-1 coaching


First Hand Wisdom FromMagister Dr. Robert Johnson

With decades of experience as a journalist and doctor of human sexuality, Dr. Johnson is now sharing thousands of hours of material compiled from massive amounts of research, personal interviews and real-life experiences.

Satanic Warlocks or those who are simply curious seeking undefiled wisdom from members and the hierarchy of The Church of Satan – the world’s most carnal and notorious religion— now have at their fingertips the mother lode of knowledge and advice.

Here are examples of some of the useful, real world and never-before revealed tracts of wisdom you will receive:

Men today seeking to walk in the world as gods among men, superior to the herd and irresistible to women or any chosen mate, need first to know who and what a Warlock truly is.

Warlocks sealed their rightful pacts with the Devil when Anton Szandor LaVey founded the Church of Satan in 1966. He elevated them from “assistant witches” (barely more than helper monkeys in stale magical goddess worship) into equals of their Satanic sisters and sorcerers in their own right.

The Warlock has always identified with the beasts of the field while making his way in the world as magician, consummate seducer, tempter and irresistible villain. The Warlock’s lust for life is matched only by his innate affinity for the macabre and the pursuit of dark delights.

What’s more, Satanism’s timely emancipation of male Devils created the only lasting bulwark against the radical feminization of men that has unfortunately festered and shows little sign of slowing.

We know to recognize and celebrate the Warlock in all his power and grandeur! The Satanic man combines his primal instincts and learned behaviors, culled from the rewards of indulgence, the thrill of competition, and the occasional hard knock to the head. He is a breed like no other. Warlocks today are a unique ethnicity, reared on the teachings of LaVey and forged by decades of applied rational philosophy.

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