My Secret of Attracting Women With Magic

I’ve been a professional magician for a long time and although I don’t always use magic to meet girls, sometimes it works to great effect — especially when they ask me to perform. Gentlemen take it from me, short and sweet tricks always leave them wanting more — and hopefully wanting you! I was attracted to Satanism as a teenager because the magic I read about in the “Satanic Bible” was similar in its workings as the magic tricks I was learning from books I’d found in my school library. This sounds crazy to the “occult expert” but rings true to the Satanist. Timing, direction, aesthetics, all help shape the working of a magic trick so that it causes the viewer to experience “real magic.”

In Satanic Magic there is Greater and Lesser Magic. Stage magic is a combination of the two. A good stage magician has an aura of mystery, which allows him to weave a suspension of disbelief. This creates a sense of real magic that the audience can see with their eyes. It also works at a deep psychological level. Magic tricks are presented as reality in real time, but a suspension of disbelief is also present.

The master stage magician can take the suspension of disbelief and turn it into a real unexplained mystery where the viewer’s subconscious questions whether it’s in fact real magic? Creating a sense of wonder before the trick even begins is my personal secret to great magic shows and also my secret to real magic. This is done with personal appearance and personality — Satanism describes this as an element of Lesser Magic.

Simply put, the audience wants to get on the rollercoaster and enjoy the ride before they even know how big the ride is. They trust the magician is not challenging them. Sound familiar? Is it a form of hypnosis, or black magic? So how does it help the Warlock who wants to use magic to meet girls?

Well, women love emotional stimulation like laughter and crying. But the one that really stimulates is the feeling of awe. It’s the “gasp” after seeing something amazing. It’s the feeling that they just saw something they have never seen. The Warlock magician can deliver these goods with his own edge of danger and mystery if a girl knows he walks on the Left Hand Path and taken Satan’s name as their own. By virtue of his Warlock status he has has a leg up on “regular” guys.

The idea is to master just one simple trick without a long-winded story. If you’re on a date, mention that you do magic and watch the crowd gather. Some may hate the idea, but if a girl gets interested you’re good to go. Use magic that looks like the magician fails and then at the last minute he pulls it off with flying colors.

If you are not a professional magician people will expect you to fail. So guess what, fail on purpose then succeed! The book “Mark Wilson’s Complete Course in Magic” is a wonderful place to start learning. It’s an amazing inexpensive book with 1000’s of tricks. Once mastered, magic becomes a great ice breaker and reveals a part of your character that shows you are youthful, playful, and can turn any situation into a wonderful little moment that won’t be forgotten which is catnip to many girls.

Most people never see live magic, so you’re instantly unique and mysterious – the Warlock’s calling card! What’s more, true Warlocks that have mastered Greater and Lesser Magic will be employing what we Satanists call, “the third side” lurking behind the simple “magic trick.” This weaves another kind of spell that will penetrate the subconscious and make the girl of your desire wanting more.

by Reverend Adam Cardone