“The Black Guard” Reborn — A Manifesto of Mastery

With the 2016 publishing of “The Satanic Warlock” by Magister Dr. Robert Johnson, the long overdue companion book to Church of Satan founder Anton Szandor LaVey’s “The Satanic Witch,” came the crystallization of just who the contemporary Satanic Warlock is and the birth the Hellfire Brotherhood – The Black Guard! So who make up this mysterious band of rogues, scoundrels, seducers and gods among men? Read on. “You have seen me before. You have felt my mass beside you in lust or fury. You have felt my gaze as it forced its way into your soul, judging you, sizing you up and putting you in line. You know me by name only—I am The Black Guard.” There are ages that define the best of us—those that thrive on carnal delights, conquest and power. In our youth these were the men in our history books, radio dramas, movies and television shows we feared, we looked up to, we desired to emulate. History has a way of being tailored by those who walk in its wake and our perception of a culture or time is skewed by our own experience. To those who were conquerors, to those who took what they wanted, the rules of the world around them never applied. They believed this life is one of celebration, one where you are only worth what you are able to take, how you value yourself and those you have chosen to love.


We are of a legacy of mastery. We should not question or examine the why or wherefore, accept that you are quite possibly chromosomally different, as the late Anton LaVey believed, and use that knowledge as an Uunartoq disc guiding you to your future. Our forefathers are not necessarily ancestral, but rather genetic. What drove them, what burned deep in their chest, burns in ours — the black flame of life, experience and mastery. It is incumbent upon us to have the intestinal fortitude to stand up and take what we desire as they did. As with the idea of the devil Satan himself, Satanists use metaphors to enrich their treasured truths in life. We are carnal creatures who champion the victories and pleasures of the moment, and then gaze deep into the future for our next conquests. Life is an endless sea of possibility and potential—by our very awareness of that fact, we of the Black Guard, armed with our studied knowledge in Satanism, practiced life experience and self awareness, are able to navigate its currents, using the winds of time to help guide us to our destination. We champion the use of personal archetypes that further enrich our already potent identities and further aid us in achieving our goals. Much like the Vikings of old, whose truths were forged in victory and experience, we also craft mythologies around us, recognizing them for what they are, yet wielding them as our own drum beat striking horror or desire into those that inevitably hear of our coming. At the center of The Black Guard is a strong foundation of masculinity.


There is a beast within us, a primordial animal that is struggling to get out. This beast has been chained in most men by civilization, polite society, the radical left and feminine mastery —we Satanic Warlocks are aware of our beast and like the great men of history we allow the world to believe that we have complied with their emasculation of men when we find it convenient and violently unleash our beast upon them, revealing our carnal independence when desired. We recognize the rules of the societies we pass through and in that awareness; we are noting their rotting foundations and their splintering ideals. We are fundamentally different from the thralls this polite society has bred. We will not be the slaves to their sex or acknowledge their safe zones, but neither will we goose step in line with the pathetic haters of the alt-right, who foolishly believe that any man has a right by birth over another. We make our right, regardless of birth and it is one of independent strength, not the necessity of keeping others down. Our masculinity is more akin to the Vikings of old, who championed individualism, who relished victory and who respected natural laws, laws of might, laws of our own making. Our masculinity has echoes in the pirates of old who banded together when it was mutually beneficial, and took what they wanted because they could.


This generation of Satanic Warlocks is Satanism’s Black Guard. We do not wait for your approval or welcome. We do not seek your acceptance. We were not developed in a vacuum or designed in a lab; we are the sons of the beast itself, bred in our time because nature demanded it—just as it has for all of mankind. We do not fight against who and what we are, we simply act within our nature, enriched by our history, informed by our studies and acceptance of who and what we are. In this way, we are our own ethnicity. We have our own cultural norms, our own vernacular and shared religion. We are the Übermensch of Nietzsche and the Alien Elite of LaVey — rising above our given cultural identity; alien in the eyes of the society we happily stand apart from. In our stratification we are creating our own ethnic future. A future that was glimpsed by every ruler man has felt itself crushed under, but unlike the Alexanders and Kahns we do not want you as our doting servants or willing slaves. We do not want to openly whip you into submission or have you sacrifice yourself for our cause du jour. We will command you into action, but the voice will be from within your own mind, not our lips. Some subscribe to the literal archaic definition of “blackguards” as nothing but unscrupulous men, scoundrels and we say, “And?” Where do you get the idea that we must cow to other’s ideas of right and wrong? Why do you deserve my best behavior or honesty? At what point have you earned my loyalty and respect? No, we embrace the definitions of your society and wear them like badges of honor. We are here for our own successes, our own ends and whether you are witness, a party to, or a victim of them is purely incidental. We are men. We are Satanic Warlocks. We are Satanism’s Black Guard!


Hail Satan!

by Reverend Adam P. Campbell